• Question: Is it true that computers are starting to play a pivotal role in engineering worldwide or in your daily job?

    Asked by rattyvlogger to Claire, Graham, Luke, Maksim, Ruth on 17 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Claire Ferguson

      Claire Ferguson answered on 17 Jun 2014:

      Computers have played a pivotal role for a long time. we use design software to enable us to design structures to show us how they move and even how to build them correctly. however a computer is only as good as the person inputing the information; nonsense in = nonsense out!!!



    • Photo: Graham Wiggins

      Graham Wiggins answered on 17 Jun 2014:

      Hi rattyvlogger,
      The answer is yes.
      Computers are making things easier for people now, how many times do folks “just Google it” to save time ?
      I do feel “we” are too reliant on the web, people should learn how to do things without it, withbooks+ paper + pens, as there are times when you’re away from the pc, and need to work something out.

    • Photo: Luke Fry

      Luke Fry answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      They are hugely important and have been for quite a while. From design work to manufacture and ‘paperwork’ to communicating with people, computers are an every day essential piece of equipment for engineers.
      An astounding comparison is that of the computer onboard Apollo 11 to that in an iPhone.
      Apollo 11: 4kb memory, 1MHz processor, $150,000 (approx), 70lbs
      iPhone: 64GB memory, 1.3GHz dual core, $399, 4oz.
      Pretty incredible considering there are less than 50 years separating them!

    • Photo: Ruth Gregory

      Ruth Gregory answered on 18 Jun 2014:

      Computers have a huge impact on my daily role. Without the use of computers we wouldn’t have new advances in highout put trains and using gps equipment. Using GPS equipment you can transfer points from the ground onto a drawings or spreadsheet to analyse the position of the structure. All of the measuring equipment (excluding a tape measure) that I use on a daily basis have computers in which calculate different measurements making my job much easier as there is less room for mistakes. We also now use tablet to record information with updated times to record how quickly we can put in foundations and this helps deal with all of the usual paperwork.