• Question: Are you planning to work for your company in the future? If so what future projects does your company intend to make? What are your company's aim for the future?

    Asked by rattyvlogger to Graham, Luke on 27 Jun 2014.
    • Photo: Luke Fry

      Luke Fry answered on 27 Jun 2014:

      Absolutely! I may move on in the long term but my short/middle term future is solidly with STFC. Why would I move? I get to work on awesome projects!
      I am sure Graham can tell you more about one particular project called Hiper which intends to use high powered lasers to create a fusion energy source. Technology for this is being developed in the USA at their National Ignition Facility (NIF). My group has done some of the preliminary design work for that project and I have no doubt, should it get funding in the future we would continue to work on it, with a larger team.
      My group has a fairly high chance of getting involved with many of the large scale science projects which may get funding in the future, ie. a Muon Collider or the next big LHC upgrade. There are lots of projects proposed for the future. STFC as a whole is very likely to be involved in many of them as STFC is basically the UK’s representation in big science. If you see or hear of a big science project somewhere in the world chances are STFC has some involvement…if not, let us know 🙂

    • Photo: Graham Wiggins

      Graham Wiggins answered on 27 Jun 2014:

      rattyvlogger – Ohhhh yes 🙂
      I have no plans to leave STFC, it’s such a vibrant place to work, loads of projects coming up and I’m sure they will have really good results for everyone
      Why would I want to leave somewhere with a few World Records ( ISIS have one as well as the Central Laser facility ), and so many diverse departments ? Or…. different STFC sites…. we have the ATC ( astronomy ) centre in Edinbough, the admin section in Swindon, a small corner of Boulby mine, then there’s Chilbolton radio telescope, Daresbury, ( near Widness) and of course, an abservatory in Hawaii !!!! so there’s loads of places to work, loads of different roles, and something to suit most people.