Thanks from your winner, Graham!

The “week after” is a bit like the week after the London marathon — a mixture of happiness, relief, and “what next?”

Could I suggest engineers are like bees? An endangered species the whole Planet depends on for its very existence… So we need to look after our bees, and recruit more engineers!

Thank you to everyone involved — in the tradition of the event…

Students — Thank you for your live chats, your questions, and your inquisitive view of the World.

I hope you found the event inspiring, and enjoyable. I’d like to wish you all have a happy and successful future. Some of your questions were truly inspired, the sort of thing you don’t want to be asked at a job interview! Others, just crept up, and knocked my thought processes clean out of the ball park — like all of a sudden… “Whats your favourite colour?” snuck in amid questions about aerodynamics, employment, and apprentices.

Ruth, Luke, Claire and Maksim – I felt a twinge of sadness at every eviction, despite my references to the Hunger Games in my Tweets!

Work — Thank you for letting me take part 🙂

I’m an Engineer… Towers/Moderators/Organisers — That was a fun, interesting, enjoyable, and exhausting two weeks.

I hope you’ve all found the event as much fun, and as useful, as I have.

Outreach activities are a really important way to communicate the many and varied flavours of engineering, and career paths available to the future generations of engineers (or technicians) that the future of this country (or, indeed the Planet) depends on.

Sometimes we need to sneak over the fence, to leave our comfort zones, to just do it and when we do, great things can happen.


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